July 2 Training Cruise Update

As of 0500 the Bowdoin has returned to Maine Maritime Academy’s dock. The crew has been off loading personal gear, moving ship’s equipment, and cleaning since that time. Breakfast at 0700 then all hands will work on a deep cleaning of Bowdoin. Everyone is happy to be home and excited to be wrapping up this great trip. Thanks to all who followed us and those we met along the way.

All the best,


July 1 Training Cruise Update

Greetings from Portland Head Light,

We are underway after a great weekend in Portland. Saturday offered us some great weather while visiting family and friends. We were open to the public for most of the day and also hosted tours for several other schooner crews that shared the dock with us. Sunday was an unexpected gift; we managed to avoid all rain during our day sail for MMA’s development office. It was great to see our crew interact with our alumni, potential students, and the public while sharing their experiences aboard Bowdoin and at MMA. Our ETA in Castine is early tomorrow morning. Depending on weather we will spend the better part of the day cleaning, scrubbing, and painting as our course comes to an end. For now we are making good time towards Penobscot Bay and on to Castine. All is well,

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
Speed: 4 knots, Course: 179 deg.
Position: 43,38.8N , 70,12.84W
UTC Time: 01. July 2013 13:48

June 28 Training Cruise Update

Good Morning,

We are presently anchored in Potts Harbor at the eastern end of Casco Bay. We arrived here yesterday evening around supper from Boothbay. We left Boothbay Harbor and as the other windjammers turned east towards Penobscot Bay we turned south and west. We raised anchor, left under sail alone, and arrived here undersail – zero engine hours. Last night was blustery and cold; today looks similar. We are expecting the official cancellation of our visit to Portland Yacht Club for this evening at any time. We have also been made aware that our dockage at Portland Yacht Services for tomorrow is subject to weather. So we all have our fingers crossed that the wind is less than forecast so we can visit Portland tomorrow. We will keep everyone posted.

We are still scheduled for a daysail on Sunday, but the weather outlook is also grim. Everyone is waiting patiently to see what hand we are dealt. Good lessons can be learned from being forced to wait.

All the best,

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
Position: 43,44.38N , 70,1.53W
UTC Time: 28. June 2013 13:26

June 26 Training Cruise Update

June 26 Training Cruise Update

Greetings from Boothbay Harbor!

We have just anchored after a great romp through the inner harbor (at the end of the parade route) in celebration of Windjammer Days. The crew did a great job of sail handling as we spun around in the harbor, blew the horn, and fired the cannon at the people of Boothbay and the schooners that were already anchored. You could hear some people in the crowd holler for MMA and Bowdoin. The crew was proud.

As we turned out of the harbor we were greeted by the arrival of a small storm cell, gray-cold skies, and a rapid increase in wind velocity. We went flying out of the harbor and under fore and staysail. We have suspended shore leave for tonight due to the predicted weather (and radar picture). We are still hoping for a fireworks show but have scrapped plans to depart this evening for points south. Instead, we will ride out the storm here at anchor. So tomorrow we will put some miles behind us working our way to Portland for the weekend. All is well but will probably be wet….

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
Position: 43,50.78N , 69,38.2W
UTC Time: 26. June 2013 19:09

June 25 Training Cruise Update

Greetings from St. John’s Bay, ME,

We are minutes from getting underway to meet the windjammers sailing down from Penobscot Bay. So far we have spent the entire day painting the hull, house tops, varnishing handrails, and painting our scroll work. The boat looks great and is ready for visiting our next ports. You can’t even tell we’ve sailed for a month offshore. So tonight is our lobster bake and tomorrow is the Parade of Sail into Boothbay. So we are off to represent Maine Maritime Academy, the Schooner Bowdoin, and the State of Maine in our next ports of call. Come see us in Portland on Saturday June 29th, at Portland Yacht Services. Our official hours are from 1000-1600 but we’d like to see you all anytime. All right, we are off!

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin

Position: 43,52.40N , 69,33.22W
UTC Time: 25. June 2013 17:14

June 24 Training Cruise Update

We are presently underway from Rockland, Maine towards the Boothbay area. We spent all of yesterday cleaning, scrubbing, painting, renewing rigging, re-provisioning the galley, and loading gear. The crew and I want to thank Captain Cullen Teel, Maine Maritime Academy’s Sailing Master, for driving to Rockland and getting us our gangway, additional life jackets, and equipment needed to run day sails when we get to the Portland area this upcoming weekend.

We also spent a bit of time yesterday with a diver who removed a reminder of our passage through the lobster-gear-ridden thoroughfares, from our propeller. The students now have a better understanding of how to avoid toggled gear in current (and the consequences for not avoiding gear).

We are planning on anchoring around the Boothbay area this evening and are looking forward to meeting up with the Penobscot Bay schooners tomorrow morning as they sail down the coast for the festival. A lobster bake for the schooners crews is scheduled for tomorrow evening on Cabbage Island. The Parade of Sail into Boothbay is Wednesday afternoon. Sometime after the fireworks display on Wednesday night (or at first light on Thursday) we will get underway for Southern Maine. All is well.

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
Speed: 4 knots, Course: 263 deg.
Position: 43,56.26N , 69,6.85W
UTC Time: 24. June 2013 12:50

June 23 Training Cruise Update

Today was a big, full day. We started out anchored off of Little Cranberry Island. Customs followed in Northeast Harbor (and fuel and water). Then we motored/sailed through Western Way, Bass Harbor Bar, Casco Passage, Deer Island Thorofare, Fox Island Thorofare, and final anchored in Rockland. We passed through some of the best cruising grounds in the world today! Everyone is tired but ready for the next passage to Boothbay. Tomorrow we plan on scrubbing the entire hull, topside, and house to remove sailing dirt and rust. If the weather holds (which is a toss-up at this point), we are planning on painting the hull and touching up on deck. If it rains we will sail in the afternoon and take the next opportunity (next nice day) to paint further down the coast. I am proud of this crew and I am looking forward to showing them off at the Windjammer Days in Boothbay.

All the best, Eric

Speed: 0 knots, Course: 240 deg.
Position: 44,5.86N , 69,5.69W
Local Time: 23. June 2013 01:35

June 21 Training Cruise Update:

Greetings from the Gulf of Maine,

We turned “The Corner” this morning at 0512 EST. We secured the engine and took off at around 7 knots straight for Northeast Harbor, Maine. As I write this a little after 0700, we are making 9.8 knots for our waypoint under bright sunny skies with a 12-15kt SW breeze. Bowdoin has a bone in her teeth and is headed for the barn…Our ETA for the Mount Desert Island area is after supper tonight! So we will contact U.S. Customs this morning and arrange for a visit tomorrow in the morning for clearance back into the US. We are 60 nm from the Hague Line (US waters) so those who are awake are excited for some great sailing today and a return to Maine waters. From Northeast Harbor we will be heading towards Boothbay for the Windjammers days (Tuesday-Wednesday) and then on to Portland for the weekend. I believe the crew is excited to share their adventures with those we meet in Midcoast and Southern Maine.

All is truly well,

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
UTC Time: 21. June 2013 11:18
Speed: 9.8 knots, Course: 314 deg.
Position: 43,11.17N , 66,21.6W

June 20 Training Cruise Update:

Good morning from the coast of Nova Scotia,

We are making great time towards “the Corner” and are anticipating an early Friday arrival. We passed by Halifax last night and are continuing our trek SW towards the turn towards Maine. Until then, we are plugging along on flat seas and under a bright sky. Morale is high. We have seen a mola mola (ocean sunfish), a few small whales (minke), and few porpoises over the last day. Not much else to report except that we are making good time and are expecting a sailing breeze around the time we start crossing the Gulf of Maine.

All is well,

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
Speed: 6 knots, Course: 255 deg.
UTC Time: 20. June 2013 12:47
Position: 43,44.22N , 64,22.20W

June 18 Training Cruise Update

Good afternoon,

We are underway from St. Peter’s and are making our way back to Maine. We cleared out of Canada with customs this morning and are not planning on stepping off the boat until we are back on US soil. We are presently motorsailing under full sail at 1000 rpm’s into a building SW breeze. We are making for the headland near Canso where we are hoping to fall off the wind and sail. Until then we are planning on motorsailing across the Canso Traffic Separation Scheme. The sun is shining brightly and lunch is being served to the oncoming watch. Everyone is getting into the rhythm of being at sea again and I am sure it won’t be long before those scheduled to stand the mid-watch are in their bunks. We are looking for a Northerly breeze tomorrow afternoon which should make for good and quick sailing. All is well,

Captain Eric Jergenson, Schooner Bowdoin
Position: 45,30.70N , 60,47.34W
Speed: 5 knots, Course: 151 deg.
UTC Time: 18. June 2013 15:22